Eduality in Gifted Education

With the recent release of new state report card and gifted indicator data, I’ve found myself looking at various districts across the state and their gifted programs. I’ve been a little nosy, to be honest. I’m interested in how districts are identifying and serving gifted students. As with any new initiative, there are pros and cons, today I’ll just share a few of the positives. A pro, the gifted indicator is requiring districts to look a little closer at their gifted students, how they are identifying, serving, and reaching out to special gifted populations. Another pro, districts are increasing services for their identified students. ODE states…

The Gifted Indicator reflects identification of, and service to, gifted students and how well they are performing and progressing academically.

The indicator is also forcing programs to look at the student demographics of programs and their assessment procedures. Many districts are asking themselves if their programs reflect their entire student population and if not, what can we do about it? Speaking of, I recently have noticed an increase in the news and media about the underrepresentation of minority students in gifted programs across the nation. I read an article tonight that brought me back to this same issue, A Nation at Risk: How Gifted, Low-Income Kids Are Left Behind. Startling to read that…

  • In the 2015 federal education budget of US $49.8 billion, gifted and talented education accounted for 0.0002 percent. In other words, for every $500,000 spent, only a single dollar was allocated for gifted education.
  • Estimated that 3.4 million gifted students from lower-income families are underachieving due to a lack of opportunity.

As you think about your local school district, are the low-income kids being left behind? Is eduality a focus for all student populations? If not, what can we do about it? Check out the entire Huffington Post article here.


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