Fixed or Growth Mindset:  Which One Are You?

Stanford Psychologist, Dr. Carol Dweck, believes that people possess one of two different mindsets:

1)      A Growth Mindset

2)      A Fixed Mindset

Which one do you have?  A clue might lie in your answer to the following question:  When do you feel smart?


If you have a fixed mindset  your answers might look like:

*When I don’t’ make any mistakes

*When I finish first and it’s perfect

*When something is easy for me and others can’t do it


If you have a growth mindset your answers might look like:

*When it’s really hard, and I try hard, and I can do something that I couldn’t before

*When I work on something a long time and finally figure it out.



If your answers look like the example of a fixed mindset there is good news!  Mindset can be changed!  One way you can help yourself is through bibliotherapy.  By reading biographies and autobiographies about famous people who had a growth mindset, you can see the characteristics that make a person successful.  Are these people smart and talented?  Of course!  However, their ability to embrace challenges, their willingness to work hard and practice, their determination to not give up, and their ability to learn from failure is what set them apart from the rest!  The following list is an example of famous people who are believed to have a growth mindset:

Thomas Edison

Michael Jordan

Walt Disney

Lucille Ball

Abraham Lincoln

Ulysses S. Grant

J.K. Rowling


So remember that Life = Risk and that effort is what counts most!



 Technology opens new avenues to explore the levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy.  Don’t know what Bloom’s Taxonomy is?

Let the Pirate’s of the Caribbean explain it all for you in the following youtube clip:



Ready to dive in?  Got an IPad?  Explore some of the following applications.


If you don’t have an IPad, you can still experience Bloom’s digitally by visiting this Prezi.

As you view the prezi, click on any of the icons and you will be transported to new learning!




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